Team Leader / Technical Specialist

ION Geophysicsdal

Assisting the support team to keep on top of their workload within a busy operational environment. Managing the OTRS help desk system to ensure the clients operational requirements are met.Working as a subject matter expert - providing technical expertise and consultation with clients as well as internal stakeholders.Requirements analysis for one of the companies analytical software packages. Liaising with the development department, keeping informed and up to date on recent software changes.

Dates: Feb/2013 - Jun/2018

Product Specialist

ION Geophysical

Providing a high level of support to clients on a global basis including visiting client's vessels for upgrades and technically complex surveys, acting as the infield expert with the integrated navigation system to facilitate the operational requirements. Communicating in high pressure environments keeping on top of large volume workloads; Mentoring new members to the team. Managing client issues providing with detailed analysis and reporting via the OTRS help desk based ticket management system

Dates: Feb/2011 - Mar/2013

Support Engineer / Senior Support Engineer

ION Geophysical

 Commissioning and supporting both the Gator and Orca integrated navigation systems both remotely and infield. Working in challenging environments with limited support. Infield training and support during complex seismic surveys such as WATS, 3D undershoots, and 4D undershoots. Working with RF networks, including installation and configuration for ship-to-ship communications Data communication integration - interfacing ships instrumentation into the Gator navigation system, Cable terminating including: RS232, RS422, Cat5, LMR400, LMR600 and coax cables. Liaising with software developers for bug fixes and new product features.

Dates: Mar/2009 - Mar/2011

World Wide Support Engineer

Telsis Limited

Commissioning and supporting the companies telecommunications platforms. Heavy exposure to performing mission critical upgrades on live networks both on site and via remote system access.Working within a cross platform environment to troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly and efficiently helping prevent downtime. Providing 24hour support.

Dates: Jun/2006 - Mar/2009

Autism Practitioner

Scottish Society for Autism

Providing support and care to individuals that had been diagnosed with Autism.

Dates: Jan/2005 - Mar/2006


BEng Applied Electronic Design

Bell College of Science and Technology

Advance Micro Controllers, C++, DSP, Analogue Circuit Design

Dates: Aug/2005 - Jun/2006


Customer Services 12 years + OTRS 9 years + Python 3 years Bash 9 Years + Perl 6 years +